• Communication for Couples
    Effective communication serves as the foundation of any healthy and fulfilling relationship. When two people are in a relationship, they need to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and desires effectively to Read more
  • 4 Daily Practices For Feeling Your Best During The Holidays
    Get plenty of rest, focus on the positive, hydrate and stay physically active. Sounds pretty simple and at the same time during the holiday season I watch clients let go of these four simple practices in order to achieve all of their other holiday goals. So many excuses like, "I just don't have enough time" or "I'm just so stressed out, I have so much to do." I often hear, "well, there goes my workout program. I'll try again once the holiday is over." Furthermore, I often experience couples having increased number of arguments as the stress of the holidays builds up. All very common situations I witness as a health and wellness coach. So, that is why I am a firm believer of sticking to the basics as a way of feeling great during the holidays. I trust we will all be a little bit happier and feeling great when we are well rested, focusing on the positive, staying hydrated an active. Read more
  • Emotions Are Messengers
    When we are feeling good, experiencing joy, excitement and happiness we’re like, “Yes, bring it on! I can ride this wave forever.” But when we are feeling negative emotions, like anger, anxiety and sadness, we can begin to wonder, “Why on earth do I have to have this experience. Can't I just skim the surface and not touch the depth of my upset?” In our resistance to going deep, we might try to avoid negative emotions, deny their existence or numb out with a favorite vice. Or we might attempt “spiritual bypass” which could be defined as use of spiritual practices and beliefs to avoid dealing with our painful feelings and unresolved wounds. Read more
  • Choose Gratitude
    In each moment, I bring in the awareness of choice. And in each moment, choosing to be aware of such freedom, I often choose to focus on having an attitude of gratitude. Why gratitude? Well let's take some time and flesh that out. First, let's understand the meaning of the word and emotion called gratitude. Second, we will examine when, how and ways we can shift into an attitude of gratitude. Third, we will explore what it's like to embrace an attitude of ungratefulness. And lastly, we will focus on why choosing to embrace an attitude of gratitude is so powerful. Let the journey begin. Read more
  • The Power of Language
    The psychedelic philosopher, Terance McKenna once said, "The world is made up of words. And if you know the words the world is made of, you can make of it whatever you wish." This reminds us of the power of language to not only just shape and inform the world but to transform the world. Thru the ages, sages have philosophized about why and how the spoken word is so powerful in manifesting in tangible reality. I’m not here to tell you what’s THE TRUTH or what’s so for you, but here are some references to this idea in ancient texts. Read more
  • The Paradox of Human Experience: The Positive & Negative Sides of Our Reality
    I acknowledge that living in a dualistic level of reality means there will always be both positive and negative, and both good and bad. Since duality is the Human experience—regardless of how you understand it from the Divine perspective—how do you navigate the presence of positive and negative? How do you live in the world on a daily basis in a life style that has to deal with both sides of the coin of thinking (positive and negative), both sides of the coin of feeling (pleasure and pain), and both sides of the coin of Being (Human and Divine)? Read more



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