4 Daily Practices For Feeling Your Best During The Holidays

4 Daily Practices For Feeling Your Best During The Holidays

Get plenty of rest, focus on the positive, hydrate and stay physically active. Sounds pretty simple and at the same time during the holiday season I watch clients let go of these four simple practices in order to achieve all of their other holiday goals. So many excuses like, "I just don't have enough time" or "I'm just so stressed out, I have so much to do." I often hear, "well, there goes my workout program. I'll try again once the holiday is over." Furthermore, I often experience couples having increased number of arguments as the stress of the holidays builds up. All very common situations I witness as a health and wellness coach. So, that is why I am a firm believer of sticking to the basics as a way of feeling great during the holidays. I trust we will all be a little bit happier and feeling great when we are well rested, focusing on the positive, staying hydrated an active.

Get plenty of rest

The body temple so appreciates the incredibly potent shifting of nerves systems from sympathetic to the parasympathetic in order to digest, assimilate, rest and repair. Allowing our bodies ample to relax and regenerate provides us greater opportunities to play harder when we are awake. Cognitively, the brain needs plenty of high quality rest in order to assimilate each day’s experiences and knowledge. As we sleep we store information into our memory banks allowing us to evolve intellectually. We rebuild ourselves as we rest. So, don’t you think and agree that getting enough good quality rest is vital to our overall health and wellness. The body deserves to be well rested to be able to function the way we wish it to function. Every body is different and I function well with about seven to nine hours of regularly scheduled sleep. Now is a great time to check in with yourself and determine your optimal sleep schedule, quality and quantity.

Awaken each day and focus on the positive

Committing to starting each day on a positive note can provide a super-rich platform to create your reality exactly the way you wish it to be. Upon rising bring a heightened sense of awareness to your overall well-being. Focus on everything in your life that is going well. Focus on all of the abundance in your life. I’m referring to so many of the things that we go throughout our days thinking nothing of. You know, like many of our first worldly experiences. There are so many things to be thankful for: our health, liberties, homes, jobs, clothes, food, clean water, electricity, toilets, opportunities, friends, lovers, conveniences, family, partner, education, pets, community, nature, love, yourself. I’m absolutely positive once you start this daily practice you will choose to do it as often as you can. Why? Because it feels so good to have an attitude of gratitude while committing to being a positive presence in the world.

While embracing and focusing on the positive we also invite opportunities to honor the inevitable opposite, the negative aspects of life. We can bring awareness to the natural and inevitable negative, glean the wisdom in its information and still choose to be a positive light in the world. In every moment I have the opportunity to focus on what’s going well, positive, or what’s not going well, negative. Beyond the rightness or wrongness of life, I choose to focus on the positive. Life itself requires a balance of + protons, neutral neutrons and - negative electrons for it to be realized. And with that said, I honor that I am all of it (positive, negative and neutral) wrapped up in this protein suit living out life the best way I know how. It’s a moment by moment opportunity. I have so much more fun while choosing to focus on what’s going well and being positive. Moreover, when I focus on the positive within others, they experience our relationship as more supportive and positive, a win/win situation for sure. It’s up to me and me alone to find and focus on the positive in me, you, us, in every situation, the world at large and in all life.

Drink plenty of good quality water

We, as a culture of doers, often overlook the importance of staying hydrated. Our bodies are 65-75% water and our cells require a sufficient amount of water to function optimally. For instance, water allows the body to regulate its temperature, promotes cardiovascular health, helps keep your skin clear, soft and healthy, supports musculoskeletal function and cleanses toxins from the body. Every single process in the body requires water. Therefore, it is very important to honor our body temples and consume enough water throughout the day. Not all water is created equal. Most city water has chlorine, lead, heavy metals and bacteria like Giardia and Cryptosporidium as well as other air born molecules. I use a ten stage water purifier and also add back in naturally occurring minerals. Furthermore, I enjoy focusing on enriching the water with as much positive love as possible. I like to drink about a liter of water upon rising and wait about thirty to forty five minutes for the water to be absorbed into the body before consuming a high quality breakfast. I found that drinking water first thing also helped me to lose weight. I lost about fifty pounds over a year by adding this one simple step to my daily nurturing routine. I then consume about another two liters of water throughout the day in between meals. I usually choose to stop consuming a lot of water after dinner so that I can get uninterrupted high quality sleep.

Stay active

Along with getting plenty of rest, focusing on the positive and staying hydrated, staying active is a beneficial way to nurture your body temple, to have fun and to reduce and release stress in the mind and body. Our bodies are designed to be physical allowing us to move about the planet while experiencing more of its amazing opportunities. Staying active can help to maintain a healthy weight, improve your mood, supports the body against diseases, assists with achieving a better night’s sleep and can boost overall energy levels naturally. As you lose weight, the body often starts to feel better. As your body feels better your attitude and outlook on life often improves. As your attitude and outlook on life improves, we often make more positive decisions. As we make more positive decisions, we create more fulfilling lives. I’m not saying that in order to be happy you need to be thin or fit. I’m saying that often by not being active disease, depression, bad night’s sleep due to stress and lower energy levels are not providing the optimal environment to move about the planet while taking advantage of all of life’s opportunities.

In closing, each one of the above mentioned processes really supports one another in our overall health, wellness and feeling great. The choice seems to always be ours to make, and ours alone, to feel great or not to feel great. I highly encourage each of us to get enough rest, stay positive, drink enough high quality water and to stay active this holiday season. I believe that I am worth it. I believe that you are worth it and that everyone benefits when we take care of ourselves and choose to feel great. Well, at least, I experience myself and others in a more positive way when we are choosing to feel great more of the time. Viva this amazing life. Rest well, hydrate well and be well my friends. Happy holidays!

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