The Paradox Of Human Experience The Positive Negative Sides Of Our Reality

I acknowledge that living in a dualistic level of reality means there will always be both positive and negative, and both good and bad. Since duality is the Human experience—regardless of how you understand it from the Divine perspective—how do you navigate the presence of positive and negative? How do you live in the world on a daily basis in a life style that has to deal with both sides of the coin of thinking (positive and negative), both sides of the coin of feeling (pleasure and pain), and both sides of the coin of Being (Human and Divine)?
One might think we’re saying to avoid feeling negative emotion and only aspire to feel positive emotion. But that’s not entirely true, perhaps just oversimplified. I see positive and negative as the two sides of the coins of thinking, doing, and being – all part of being human. I’m not suggesting you deny the existence of the negative side, repress it when it arises, or suppress it so it can’t emerge at all. Instead embrace your negative experience, feel into it, allowing the message to arise and see it as information guiding you toward greater clarity about what you don’t want which can then help you focus in on what it is you do want. Just remember how long you roll around in the negative emotion is a choice. When you’ve received the clarity the contrast offers, and you’re ready to shift out of that vibration you can - at the fulcrum point of your thoughts and words.

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